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For 1:1 sessions, I use different treatment rooms around the Bath and Bristol area.


Cost:            Preliminary Diagnostic session - £ 20 ph

                    Standard session - £ 30 ph

                    5x Standard session - £100 (pre-booked)


Group 'Sound Meditations' are offeed each week in a peacful and supportive environment. These 'meditations' feature an array of sound sources and intruments, and last for 1 hour. It is advidable to pre-book.


Cost:            Drop-in - £ 10

                    Pre-book - £ 8


The Sounds used:


Voice: I utilize the traditional and ancient method of 'over-toning' in which I sound-out the natural harmonics of the voice. This technique is most often found in the healing traditions of Central Asia, particularly Tibet and Mongolia. 


Singing Bowls & Bells: Another traditional means of affecting changes in the Body and Mind. These can be placed on specific areas of the body.


Tuning Forks: A modern tool for altering the biochemistry of the physical body, and stimulating the central nervous system. These are useful for moving energy in specific regions of the body, and improving immune response. 


The Healing Process:


     Diagnostic sessions focus on your condition, and help determine what type of treatment would be best suited to your needs. This also gives you a chance to learn more about the therapeutic use of Sound, and how you respond to it as an individual.


     Standard diagnostic sessions last for 1 hour, unless otherwise arranged. I allow time before and after the treatment to learn more about you, and receive your feedback on the experience; this is an important part of the diagnostic process.


     With successive sessions, I am able to suit the treatment to your specific needs as we discover what you respond to and how.


     I am always happy to discuss any queries on the phone.


Note: I will never give a specific medical diagnosis. I can discuss your Energetic state, and suggest how that may affect physical conditions. For a medical diagnosis, consult your GP.


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