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Sound Healing

To 'Heal' means 'to make whole'. 'Sound Healing' is the use of Sound and Vibration to treat pain and illness, and takes into account the 'whole being'; the entire physical, mental, and spiritual system. Sounds are used which are in resonance with the rhythms and vibrations of the human body and psyche. Sound-energy is able to affect one's entire energetic state, and is introduced to the client in a balanced and considered manner, supporting the therapeutic process.


The aim is to use Sound to help the mind and body find their balanced, optimum state of health. In practice, it is non-invasive, and client-led; I try to facilitate a diagnostic process in which the client can participate in a neutral and nurturing environment. I use my voice, and a number of sound-sources traditionally used for healing. 


An important part of this form of treatment is the formation of 'Intention' on the part of the client, bringing into focus the issue which is affecting them.


Some of the conditions which Sound based therapy is used to treat are:


* Stress                                       * Hormone Imbalance

* Depression                             * Addiction

* Physical pain                              

* Complex Mental Health needs


(This list is not exhaustive, but only an indication of some common uses of therapeutic Sound)



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